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This hospital in Sri Lanka was in danger of closing down as a result of financial problems. The doctor and his  staff had had no support from the government nor they received enough funds from private sectors, so the future of the hospital was very much in the air. The doctor had used up all his private savings and was considering selling off his private property to save the hospital.

The charity hospital was built not only to treat the poor. They were very active in educating the people so that they could change their life style and habits, which were causing them to become more prone to illness. They also promoted alternative medicines and treatment methods. They had their own organic farming plot, so that they could grow own vegetables for the patients staying in the hospital.  In addition, they ran support programs for the families of patients to improve their lifestyles to help improve their conditions and prevent further illness. The doctor's approach and what he was trying to do struck Yamada sensei's heart, and the Sensei went to Sri Lanka to help them. His efforts had won a number of peoples support, and he set a light for future of the hospital.

Over several months prior to visiting the country, Yamada Sensei put an enormous effort in searching for what  could be done to help the people in Sri Lanka. His research ranged from politics, relational, social, medical and agricultural studies. He met prominent people from these areas in both Sri Lanka and Japan and also spent a considerable amount of time studying in the library and at his home. He also spent a week attending a seminar to learn about a new approach to growing vegetables using no chemical substances and actually worked in a farm cultivating the soil and plants himself!

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